Purple Petal Watermarble

This is one of my all time favorite nailart. ¬†Polishes used Zoya Aurora, Marble Colors – OPI You’re Such A Budapest & OPI Eiffel For This Color.

2 thoughts on “Purple Petal Watermarble

  1. Your water marble is fantastic – I have tried it many times but just cannot get it right. My polish just does not spread out on the water enough & I can then only put a few drops & it is then just one big wet mess when I put my nails in… any advise?

    • Thank you. Try using room temperature filtered or bottled water, if you’re already doing that and it still not spreading try a different brand of polish or creme polish. You can also use an orange stick (or whatever you’re using to make the design) to pull the edges of the polish towards the edge of the cup and help it spread. I hope this helps, if you have more questions please feel free to ask.

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