Red Ribbons Watermarble

Hi Peeps are you red-dy? Get it? 😀

I just realized I never did explain why the color series. I have a LOT of polish crammed in 8 tubs (I never counted how many). In de-stashing (I ran out of space and didn’t want to buy another tub) my collection I realized I have a ton of polish I have never used, I think I would be happy to keep doing blue, purple and green marbles and never use my “non-favorite” colors. So this is me trying different colors I’ve never tried before, it’s been more challenging than I thought, but still fun.


This marble for instance, there a many shades of red but when dropped on the water they can sometimes look so similar, they look like one color. So I needed something to break up the colors a bit, so I did a white base and had the white polish play a bit of peeka-boo.


Base is Orly White Tips, marble is China Glaze Red Satin, Wet N’ Wild Rudy-dolph, Sally Hansen Save The Date, Wet N’ Wild Haze of Love, China Glaze Naughty and Nice, China Glaze Heaven.





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