Polish Tales

Can I bend you ears for a bit?

This was from the last time I ever tried a no buy, I know me so I have no idea why I tried it in the first place. I figured it wouldn’t work, but I gave it a go anyway, and it worked…kinda.


The goal was a month, I got to the place where I didn’t even think about anymore….until the last five days of September. I was at a end of Summer barbecue and got bored and started browsing polishes on my wishlist, I orderd China Glaze Polish Golden Enchartment before I even realised i’d done it, next day was the entire Essie Twill of the Night collection. You get get the picture, I was off the wagon. Unlike my first attempt where I didn’t last a week and kept trying to put it off with “i’ll start again next week”, this time I was surprised I lasted that long. Sure no buys can be done just not by me.


  • So why did I start a no buy you ask?  Because I ran out of space and I needed another storage bin…or two.
  • Did I save money? No because I channeled my shopaholicness into buying boots. Ultimately if you’re on a no buy and making a list of polishes you’re going to buy when your time is up, your not going to save any extra money.
  • Will I ever try it again? Um HELL NO! I realized that when i’m not thinking about not being able buy polish, at the end of the month I may have only bought 1 or 2.

I did however get a few take away lessons, I don’t need to have the entire collection unless I like them all limited edition or not. When I run out of space I look through my collection, I have polishes I haven’t touched in 5-10 years and I’m pretty sure will never use, offer them to friends or family, call up you local women’s shelter and ask if they accept nail polish (same goes for makeup), most will accept it if it has been sanitized, comes along with other toiletries or has never been used. Before I knew it I had plenty of space.

  • Why this long post? Because as you go off to spend those christmas gift cards on polish (probably) and clearing out space for more, before hosting a blog sale consider donating it to that woman who can no longer afford to get her nails done, you have no idea how sometimes the smallest things can boost someones self esteem …. just a thought.



My favorite christmas tree that i’ve seen.


8 thoughts on “Polish Tales

  1. Yay for spreading the word! I too donate plenty of make-up products. I buy my make-up and nail polish in bulk, and many times I don’t like half of what I’ve ordered – talking about shades, not quality. Women’s shelters in the UK gladly accept all kinds of make-up and toiletries. They say “if you’d give it to a friend, then we’ll take it.” Nail polish can be lightly used, they just want things that come with a wand or applicator (mascara, lip gloss, eye shadow) to be unused, but that’s common sense really.
    Thanks for donating to women’s shelters! Some churches also collect on behalf of shelters. So if you’ve got a few children’s dvds / toys / cards / etc. to spare, add them to your beauty items. Quite a few women in shelters live with their children, and the little ones would love a nice surprise gift once in a while too.
    Take care!

  2. Great post! I apply to same rule to making space for my children’s toys. Every birthday/Christmas—the kids go through their old or neglected toys/stuffed animals and we give them away to charity. This is their way of giving a less fortunate child a toy to play with. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure😊 hope you’re having a great start to 2014!

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