Fuzzy Googly Eyes Nailart *Photo Heavy*

Hey everyone,

I had bought some flocking power from Born Pretty Store and I completely forgot about it. After rediscovering it I decided to play around with it a bit. This was a bit of a fail, for a first try. The topcoat dried too fast so not enough flocking powder attached. Don’t even ask about the pink dude.



Forgive the picture quality, I didn’t plan on doing a pictorial, but I thought why not.

Flocking powder sample pack. 


Tweezer and Brush (also bought from Born Pretty)


Polish nail in a color similar to the flocking powder, polish used Essie Shearling Darling.


Apply topcoat.


Use tweezer to dump flocking powder over the entire nail and gently pat it down.


Give topcoat a few minuted to dry then brush of excess.


and there you have it!


Use printing paper to funnel the unused powder back into container.


A few things I’ve discovered with this is it may be best not to use a topcoat that drys too fast, and if your going to use decorations you may want to apply the topcoat with a stripper brush or dotting tool. Lastly you may want to apply the flocking powder to one nail at a time or the topcoat will dry and not enough flocking powder will attach to the nail.




Happy Flocking!


PS. If your interested in purchasing it you can use this 10% coupon FBJ61

Digital StillCamera


22 thoughts on “Fuzzy Googly Eyes Nailart *Photo Heavy*

  1. I’m going to try this tomorrow – I also bought some flocking powder and forgot all about it! Although I’m all out of googly eyes – which is a shame cause these look like the most fun you can have with nails.
    I bet if you had (or have? not sure!) young kids they would go bananas over this!

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