When Stamping Goes Bad

Hello Everyone,

Ever been up late and decided to that since you’re up you might as well paint your nails. No? Well I did, all I can say is never do nails when sleep deprived. 


I’ve wanted to try the MoYou London stamping plates for a long time, this is plate #1 from the Suki Collection.


I’m not the best at stamping but this required double stamping because of my nail length, but this may not be the best plate for you if you have to double or tipple stamp. I like the concept but if you have a large area of nail to cover with just a little patch on the plate, that could be a bit of a problem. But It seems that MoYou have started making XL plates with bigger images for people with long or wide nail YAY!


These are lovely plates and the indentations are deep enough to make it easy for you to scrape the excess polish away and have enough to pick up (don’t roll you eyes it’s happened to me on other plates, one scrape and everything came off.)


I did a gradient using polishes Anise Flirty Lace, NYC French White and stamping polish is Konad Black.



Thanks for reading!


PS: I hope you having better weather than the horror headed this way.


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