Splatter Nail Art

Hello Everyone,

This was my attempt at splatter nails, another first for me, since it can get so messy. The chevrons on the accent nails using smaller nail vinyls.



Polishes used Butter London Pillar Red Box, Anise Your Inner Tiger, Anise Cosmic Kiss and NYC French White.


I don’t celebrate valentines day, so this is as close to valentines nail art as i’m gonna come.



Sorry for the photo quality, I take my photos outdoors in natural light (the lighting in my apartment sucks as you can see) but outside is super cold and i’m not going out there not even for you.

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Splatter Nail Art

    • Unfortunately I don’t really have any special tips, I uses room temp bottled water (about 70-75 degrees). I try to find polishes that work well on the water and drys slowly enough to draw designs on. It takes some trial and error but sometimes you can encourage the polish to spread by gently tapping on the edge of the cup or using an orange stick to pull the ring of polish towards the rim of the cup. Hope this helps. .

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