Healing Ragged Cuticles

Hi Everyone,

This happens to most people at some point, ragged cuticles. This happened to me for two reasons. One, I was slacking on my cuticle oil use and two my hands were frequently out of gloves, especially my right hand (I hate gloves),  so the winter weather was not kind.

This photo was taken Tuesday 3/4


This is comparatively better than it use to look on past winters and it gets caught every time I put my hands in my coat pocket.

To heal my cuticles I use good old Vitamin E with a little bit of Jojoba Oil, the ratio is 3 parts Vitamin E and one part Jojoba Oil and one drop of tea tree oil to keep infections away (Why only one drop? I use a small bottle so I don’t need as much.)


When I say Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil that should be the only thing listed in the ingredients. Natural Vitamin is d-alpha-tocopherol (it can be a little pricey), I bought this from TkoSkin for $39.99.


The easiest found alternative is tocopheryl acetate, it’s synthetic which means it’s made from petroleum and not as effective, try to find the highest IU (international unit) highest i’ve seen is 70.000 and it’s super concentrated and very thick.

I bought this from Amazon for $9.66

Vitamin e

Also some people are allergic to ester of acetic acid (if you’re allergic to white vinegar don’t use it and keep in mind that eating it and having it on the skin are two different things.)

This photo was taken Saturday 3/8


This photo is unedited, there is no oil or lotion to hide the raggedness, it’s not completely healed but a big improvement.

If you would like me to go into more details on Vitamin E benefits and uses let me know, I’ve been using it on my winter ravaged face, my skin has greatly improved, it’s so smooth. Trust me it’s cheaper than getting microdermabrasion.

Thanks for reading!



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