Mod Lacquer Polishes

Hi Everyone, I recently bought some indie polishes from Mod Lacquer, I had started buying quite a few indie polishes until I got burned by the last brand I bought from last year and I decided to give it a break. My first time trying out this brand I decided to buy the minis.


All of the ones I bought are very pigmented, You could do one thick coat and not need a second coat.

First up “Lightning Lime ” one coat, no topcoat, a lovely shade of lime green with gold shimmer. It’s not streaky and goes on smooth.


Next is “Goblin” one thick coat, no topcoat. I have to say i’m a little in love with this, I don’t even know how to start describing it. The base color is a very dark olive green with a hint of red, it has micro holographic glitter. It’s just gorgeous.


Here’s another picture that better shows off the holo glitter.


Next is “Eternal Blaze” It’s a Burgundy red polish with holographic micro glitter. Two coats, the finish on this was a little rough and needed a topcoat.


Last is “Majestic” which is a reddish purple polish, two coats, no topcoat.


Would I buy more?….Hell yes! These are great quality polishes, I haven’t tested it for marbling yet but I hope they work well on the water.

Thanks for reading!


Disclaimer: I was not sent these polishes to review and they were purchased with my own money.


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