First Blush of Spring

Hi Everyone, To welcome spring, (I know i’m late). Ah the spring time of love, the first touch, the first kiss, the first…um love. It can tints your world in vibrant colors and rosy hues.


I sponged on China Glaze Princess Grace, China Glaze Pink-IE Promise and OPI Planks A Lot on bare nail, no undie except basecoat I didn’t want to it to turn out too bright. I sectioned it of with a black stripping polish.and the mini watermarble is done with OPI Planks A Lot and OPI Diva of Geneva.


I got this floral water decal from Born Pretty Store, I really liked these they were so pretty, and just like my previous post these were just as easy to use. Just soak, slide off and place on nails, blow or pat dry and topcoat. I found some other ones I would like to get my mitts on and you can use FBJ61 and get 10% off your purchases.


The claw.


I got a bit of brush drag on the marble section, but it didn’t turn out too badly.


Enjoy the springtime of life.


Thanks for reading!







10 thoughts on “First Blush of Spring

  1. Gorgeous! The decals are so cute and I love the idea of doing half your nail with watermarble and the other half with a polish and decals 🙂

  2. Don’t mind me….over here practically DROOLING over these nails! You always create some of THE most beautiful nail art, and these are no exception! Love these! ❤ Thanks for sharing your nail art with the world! xo

  3. i like the mixed patterns you have going on, and the colors in your water marble are so pretty. Sometimes you can tell for sure when water decals are being used, but until I read the post, I thought that you had hand-painted the flowers. The overall look of this mani is amazing!

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