Anise/Zoya Nail Polish Dupe

Hi Everyone, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Anise polishes are one of my favorite polishes, they are sold at DSW and cost $6.00 each. So when I saw these I had to snap them up, and these were buy one get one half off.


They look very similar when applied, I think the Anise polishes goes on a little better than the Zoya ones, or at least they work a bit better for me. The Anise polishes definitely require two coats, but I always run into problem when I try to do the same with the Zoya polishes so I aim for one thick coat anymore and it gets lumpy and patchy.

Anise Be Worldly is a Zoya Aurora Dupe.


Anise Be Worldly (Left), Zoya Aurora Dupe (Right).


Polish used in this mani is Zoya Aurora.


Anise Cosmic Kiss is a Zoya Blaze Dupe


Anise Cosmic Kiss (Left) Zoya Blaze (Right)


Polish used is this mani is Zoya Blaze, this is visibly more lumpy I think this was the first time I ever used it.


Thanks for reading!



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