Lupus Awareness Butterfly Wings Watermarble Nailart

Hi Everyone, I’m a little late but May is Lupus Awareness month many people don’t know that or what lupus is. 

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, if you have lupus, something has gone wrong with your immune system. Our immune system is a part of the body that produces antibodies that fight off and protect the body from foreign invaders. Autoimmune means your immune system cannot tell the difference between these foreign invaders and your body’s healthy tissues (“auto” means “self”) and creates autoantibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue.

IMG_6589There are many kinds of lupus, the most common type Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue. It can affect and damage the skin, joints, lungs, kidneys, brain, blood vessels and other organs.

Other types are: Discoid lupus causes a rash that doesn’t go away. Subacute cutaneous lupus causes sores after being out in the sun. Another type can be caused by medication. Neonatal lupus, which is rare, affects newborns.

My cousin Renee had SLE, so I created butterfly wings for the lupies.


I wanted to do something as colorful as the butterfly wings i’ve seen people wear on Lupus walks.


I used frosted polishes for the gradient, to get a slightly metallic finish. polishes used OPI Birthday Babe (base), Zoya Goldie, Zoya Irene and Zoya Areetha.


I used a darker purple for the winged marble using OPI Diva Of Geneva and Milani Heather.



Help spread lupus awareness!

Thanks For Reading!



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