Mango Tango

Hi Everyone, During last weeks torture session, thanks to the common cold that had me down for the count, I came up with some dubious (for me) color combinations, or it may have been the high fever. First up…..


After I did the gradient the only thing that came to mind was mangoes, or maybe it’s because i’m craving some. I got a few bubbles on the pointer finger marble, but it doesn’t matter, every-one gets them from time to time. I have a dandy way of dealing with it, wait until the marble is dry to the touch, then wet a finger and pat the bubbles gently until they’re flat. If the bubbles are bigger that pin pricks this method my not work.


For marble O.P.I. Birthday Babe (base), Significant Other Color, Tutti Frutti Tonga, Can’t Find My Czechbook.


For gradient I used O.P.I. Need Sunglasses?, Where Did Suzis Man-Go?, Planks A Lot, Don’t Mess With Opi.



Thanks for Reading!



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