Mac’s Alluring Aquatic

Hi Everyone, I’m sure you’ve seen posts like this everywhere but I had high hopes of getting this collection, I wanted the lipsticks, blush and bronzer, but sometimes things happen for a reason. I spaced on the online launch and by the time I remembered it was all sold out.

Mac scores high with the design of this packaging, but am I the only one that thinks it feels a bit too flimsy, i’m not sure why I expected it to feel a bit more weighted/solid. I still like that textured feel of those water droplets, very unique.

I got to see them in store and was happy I hadn’t bought them online. I ended up just getting these. I tried the blush in store and on me was very sheer and a bit chalky it would have taken a lot of building up, and the bonzers were way too shimmery for me.


Lipsticks $17.50

Eye Shadow $19.50



Mystical is a warm rose cremesheen lipstick, lined with Chestnut.


Goddess of the Sea is described as dark vibrant violet cremesheen lipstick, I think it looks more berry. Lined with Currant, they glide on without tugging your lips..


I usually fill in my lower lip because it’s lighter than my top but I didn’t in this case.


This is Lorelei Extra Dimension Eye Shadow, is described as a “golden beige” it’s gorgeous and has hint of a peachy undertone. On my skin tone it looks a lot cooler than it does on other swatches i’ve seen but I don’t mind.


On my right eye just Lorelei and on the left it’s warmed up with some burgundy shadow. (Ignore the shiny skin.)




Thanks for reading!




4 thoughts on “Mac’s Alluring Aquatic

  1. I love the shadow! I actually just purchased one of the extra dimension bronzers and I love it. It really is hit or miss with Macs collection. The moody blooms comes out at the end of this month, I cant wait!

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