Nail Update – Under The Polish

Hello Everyone, This post is a little late, it should have been up before the vacation manicure, but I’m still playing catch up. Most people who do their nails always say if your nails are always polished why should you care what they look like under it? And in a way that’s true, but since I love to go polishless a lot I like to have them looking decent.


I’m very rough on my right hand, so I get the most breaks on this hand, right now i’m sporting two breaks, one old (middle), one new (pointer). I’ve kind of modified the way I do patches for side breaks on my right hand because they sometimes start lifting and I end up having to re-patch which is not something I enjoy.


What I do now is cut the side of the nail down on the side I will be applying the patch to. Apply the patch like I normally do, then extend the sides back out using a nail form. [See previous post.] Basically sealing the patch in the middle and strengthening the edge. This ends re-patching for me and as I file and reshape my nails it eventually all get removed as my nails grow out and I file and reshape my nail.


Apply some clear polish and voilà!


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