Teal and Silver Watermarble

Hello everyone, We have a special guest this week, my cousin Toni!


I know i’m biased, and proud of it! 😀 She also just graduated high school (Congratulations sweetie!) and I would like to thank her for being my guinea pig for this post.


To achieve this look you do the pattern for a swirl watermarble, but instead of dipping one finger at a time you dip multiple fingers. [See previous post for pattern] The pattern on the accent nail is simply something that popped into my head.


Polishes used Wet N’ Wild Metallica & Caribbean Frost and Black stripping polish.


She like a lot of people tend to be intimidated by watermarbleing, DON’T BE! You have to be really lucky to be perfect on your first try or even your second try, just own it and go for it, don’t be afraid to fail.


She’s a tenacious lady she’ll get it, and so will you. Have some patience with yourself, don’t expect perfection you’ll get better at it with practice, and don’t forget to have fun with it.

Thanks for reading!


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