#31dc2014 Splatter Watermarble

Hello everyone, I absolutely love the effect of splatter nailart but I have to say it looks way too messy for me and I wouldn’t be looking forward to the cleanup.

So you know I had to find a way to do one watermarble style.


The way I achieved this effect is the complete opposite of what I normally do and look for in polishes for a marble. I needed polishes that dried fast on the water or don’t work well together, the key in this case was Wet N’ Wild Clear Protector it drys fast on the water so all you do is tease the drops apart and dip until you have the desired look.


You can dip your nails more than once, I experimented a bit more on these nails and made the design effect a bit heavier by double dipping (or in my case pulling out my nails without cleaning up the water surface), it was ok, I wasn’t to big a fan of this effect, less is more.


Polishes used OPI Muir Muir On The Wall, Anise Your Inner Tiger, Anise Sirena. Finger Paints Black Expressionism (Base), NYC French White, Wet N’ Wild Clear Protector.


This photo is a little darker and you can see the gold pop a bit more.


Thanks for reading!




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