#31dc2014 Rainbow Watermarble

Hello Everyone, I’ve done a few marble over gradient, but with this one I tried to go for a different color spectrum of the rainbow with a bit more of a textured look.


The gradient looks a lot more textured than it does in the pictures, here’s how I got it. After did the gradient over a white base and built the color to where I want it, I loaded up the sponge and sponged it on a piece of paper until almost no color is left then pounce the it over the nail a few times. Don’t let the sponge become too dry and leave bits of sponge on the nail, that will make it a bit too textured lol. Also while pouncing move the sponge down once or twice for example instead of red on red, you do red on orange. And Voila! a gradient they can’t quite get what looks different about it.


Polishes used Zoya Tamsen, Arizona, Pippa, Shawn, Ling, Mira. Marbled over with Wet N’ Wild French White Crème & Butter London Pink Ribbon.



Thanks for Reading!



2 thoughts on “#31dc2014 Rainbow Watermarble

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