#31dc2014 Geometric Nailart

Hello Everyone, Soooo I got this crazy idea for day 16 of #31dc2014. Well it worked out in the end, but getting good pictures not so much, talk about hard to photograph.


It may be best to do this step long before you start manicure. I started by creating a watermarble, try to use a little bit of a thicker polish, thin works fine too it’s just a bit harder to work with as it crumbles easier. Allow it to completely dry on the water surface, you’ll know it’s dry when you can touch it without it sticking to the pads of your finger, to should be safe in about 10 minutes depending on how fast the polish dries. Detach it gently from the edge of the container (if anchored), lift it out and place it on a dry paper towel (it will still be a little floppy) until it’s stiff enough to handle without folding in on itself. Handling it carefully and cut the desired shapes.


Apply your base polish and allow it to completely dry or dry to the touch, this is important because if the polish is wet then the edges of the marble will start to crinkle or blend into the wet polish and lose its shape. After the polish is dry apply the shapes, it’s best to use tweezers for precise placement and the pieces sometimes crumble when handled. If you’re having trouble getting it to stick to the nail then re-wet the cut piece or pat it down with a wet finger, topcoat and then your’e done. Also try to apply a thick coat of topcoat instead of going over it multiple times it will cause dragging. Good luck and as always i’m open to questions.


Polishes used Sassy Polish Crazy Eyes is the base, marbles are Zoya Tamsen & OPI Birthday Babe, Anise At The Meeting & OPI Alpine Snow.



Tell me these don’t look like bacon bits lol.


Thank you for reading!



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