#31dc2014 Galaxies Nailart

Hello Everyone! Day 19 of #31dc2014 Galaxies. Polishes. When I was pulling all of the colors, I decided to go for mostly sparkly polishes. As I’ve said before I don’t do random very well so I simply started and hoped for the best.


Polishes used  in the order that I sponged them on, my base is Zoya Storm. Then sponged on Zoya Belinda, OPI Birthday Babe, Zoya Tallulah, Zoya Lagoon, Zoya Darcy, Zoya Arizona, Zoya Rory, China Glaze Pixie Dust & OPI Alpine Snow for the stars.



This is the best galaxy nails i’ve ever pulled off so far, it kind of looks like I just dipped my finger in it and picked up some of the swirl pattern.


Thanks for reading!






One thought on “#31dc2014 Galaxies Nailart

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