#31dc2014 – Inspired By A Song

Hi Everyone,

Day 22 – Inspired by A Song #31dc2014 – Purple Roses by John Williamson. This song is a sweet and quirky song he wrote for his wife about aging, it just stroke a chord with me, lol get it?

I had two songs stuck in my head this and blue bayou and since I already did blue for inspired by color, I chose this one.


“Now you’re looking in the mirror
A picture of your Mother
But you don’t see the woman that I see
Denying grace and pride the good Lord gave you
Is throwin’ purple roses away”

Everyone keeps telling me I look a lot like my mother as I get older, I have no problem with that she’s aged well, i’m hoping it’s genetic.


Polishes used #OPI 18k Ginza Gold, #Zoya Zara, Zoya Areetha, Zoya Belinda.

I wanted to do hand drawn roses but that was a mess so I decided on decals, these decals are from Born Pretty Store G124.


Thanks for reading!



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