#31dc2014 – Inspired By A Color

Ever had a mani that was chipped and peeling and you still didn’t want to take it off? No? Me neither. Well imagine me a wanting to end the nail art challenge just so I could keep wearing these. I LOVE this mani, how could I not it’s made up of my favorite color.

Day 21 – Inspired by A Color – BLUE!!!


I did a gradient using Zoya Purity, Yummy, Ling, Tallulah, Ibiza, Dream.


I didn’t use a base color and on the first two passes I loaded up my sponge with only the blue polish and built up the color on the nails. Then using the same sponge load it again starting with the white polish and sponge it on a piece of paper removing most of the polish the pounce the remaining color on the nail. It makes a subtle difference, when I used the white polish from start to finish it looked different. But this way you can see the blue peeking out beneath the white.


The roses are decals I got from Born Pretty Store, the chevron nailvinyls are from @Teismom.


When I had to take these off there were unintelligible, unladylike and unprintable muttering.Then I realized I can recreate it any time I like. 😀

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “#31dc2014 – Inspired By A Color

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