#31dc2014 Inspired by A Tutorial

Hello Everyone it’s time to do the snoopy dance, it’s the final day!

Day 30 – Inspired by A Tutorial #31dc2014 – Ali from Fixintofaff did the very imaginative and awesome 3D mani posted on her blog, I love it, I love dragons, hell I have two dragon tattoos.



This needs some pre-prep, but the only trouble I had was getting the rhinestones to stay still when I was painting them. I opted for dripping polish on them and kinda using the brush to whisk the excess polish off and with the help of a pin to hold it still when applying the second color.

Whites are Zoya Goldie with OPI Mimosas For Mr. & Mrs over that, and reds are Zoya Paloma with Essie Shearling Darling as the second coat.


Polishes used OPI Mimosas For Mr. & Mrs., Zoya Goldie, Essie Shearling Darling, Zoya Paloma.

OPI Muppets World Tour, OPI Mimosas For Mr. & Mrs., Zoya Jem, Zoya Godiva.


This is my base pointer and pinky Zoya Godiva, ring finger Zoya Jem topped by OPI Muppets World Tour, middle finger OPI Mimosas For Mr. & Mrs topped by OPI Muppets World Tour.


The next day they were dry and all you had to do is figure out the placement so it will end up close to the cuticle area.


This is my starting point. Place the rest of studs so they overlap (I had a photos of this but it somehow got deleted) so check Ali’s blog if you need the next steps.



Apply a thick layer of topcoat to keep everything in place. I stamped the other nails to make it look like tribal/rune markings, and they’re done.



Thanks For Reading and thanks Ali for the inspiration.



11 thoughts on “#31dc2014 Inspired by A Tutorial

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  2. You did such a beautiful job with these! I had the problem getting them to stay still as well, so I stuck them to a piece of scotch tape which I taped down to a piece of paper. It kept them all in one place and steady enough to paint them pretty easily. I bet double sided tape would accomplish this as well.

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