#31dc2014 Honor Nails You Love

Well crap, I thought I was done then I realized it was 31 days not 30, so last night was an interesting scramble to get this done so…..night photos.

Day 31 – Honor Nails You ❤️ #31dc2014  I chose @ohmygoshpolish’s (Instagram) bright dotted manicure, she has tons of beautiful designs.

I’m a dark green, dark red, dark any spectrum of any color i’m wearing (except blue), NOT a hot pink person, but I found this one really cute and since it was late, easy to do.


Polishes used Milani Cupid’s Touch, Wet N’ Wild Vengeful Bride, Wet N’ Wild Werewolf Vision & Wet N’ Wild Matte topcoat. Missing from the pic Zoya Raven and Purity.


For gradient I used Milani Cupid’s Touch and Wet N’ Wild Vengeful Bride. The base for the dots is Zoya Raven, I then added white dots to make the other colors to be dotted on more vibrant.


Thanks for reading!



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