Birthday Nails


Hello Everyone, Yes I was born not hatched, and my mom’s birthday is in four days….not sure how she planned that. I wanted to do something bright and festive.


I also did this nail art to defy the frigid temperatures outside, I know your suppose to keep the sunshine in your heart or in this case super bright neon colors, but why not have it on your nails too.


Polishes used Zoya Purity (base) Wet N’ Wild Fantasy Makers Ghouls Rush In, Queen of Envy, Ghouls Rush In (yes I know it’s weird but they do have the same name) &  Zoya Zara. Nail Vinyls as always from @teismom.


I put the nail vinyls on over a completely dry base and applied each color with the brush. I had some color crossover accidents here and there, and because the polishes were sheer I had to go over them twice. Pull the nail vinyls off carefully and topcoat. It’s best if you do one nail at a time, or the vinyls will pull off more polish as they will be dry and the borders will be jagged. Also the vinyls will lift if left on for an extended time.

I had the hardest time capturing the true color of the polishes and they still aren’t as bright in pictures as they are in person.


Thanks For Reading!



6 thoughts on “Birthday Nails

  1. Happy birthday! Love the bright colours, I’m still in a summer colour mood, I’m just fooling myself by trying to paint in Autumnal colours…. How cute are those nail polish bottles!

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