#Naillinkup Textured Nails

Hello Everyone, Week two of N.A.I.L. #Naillinkup textured nails. I had this idea but I wasn’t too  thrilled about how it turned out.


I used Zoya Destiny stamped with Konad m28 using Zoya Raven. Destiny it turns out is a bit too shimmery for what I had in mind, and made it a bit hard to photograph. And a tip if you have a hard time wearing textured polish because the tip gets caught on everything, when the polish is almost dry to the touch just use a finger and gently pat the tips down or just tap them against a flat solid surface. It’ll smooth out the tips and you’ll see less tip wear.


It turned out ok, but I have to say after stamping on all those spiders, I had the weirdest nightmare, cause mi no likey spiders. I dream’t that some lizard shaped water creature that was very aggressive somehow found it’s way into my aquarium and was killing everything in it. The weird part is that it was like a dream within a dream, in my dream I was asleep and I could hear it but I couldn’t move or wake up but I was aware. But no worries fishes are alive.


Thanks for reading and letting my share my weirdness. 😀




8 thoughts on “#Naillinkup Textured Nails

  1. I usually don’t have problems with tips, it’s a great tip though :). The last problem I had was due to too many layers and it made whole nails really rough and sandy, so they got stuck everywhere 😛
    I actually like this mani a lot 🙂

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