Wet N’ Wild Fantasy Makers Polish 2012

Hello Everyone, Every year I buy Wet N’ Wild Fantasy Makers Polish because I love the bottles but I realized i’ve never used them not even to swatch (shocking I know). I wanted to swatch them all and put them in one big post but I decided to break them down by year even though they are no longer available for purchase (sorry). Look out for three similar posts and you’ve probable already seen swatches of them but meh. I don’t have the 2011 polish but you can see them here.


Go With The Glow – I didn’t do a swatch of this because it’s appears clear and it’s glow is hard to capture on camera.

Nail in the Coffin – This is a black creme polish with silver and copper colored glitter. This applies a little streaky, needs two coats to be opaque.

2012 - 12487 - Nail In The Coffin

Once upon A Time – This polish is a black jelly/transparent base polish with small red glitter and larger hexagonal glitters. It applies very smoothly. This is two coats you can do one coat too. This looks very similar to Magic Potion from 2012 collection.

2013 - 12489 - Once Upon A Time

Here it is applied over a black base.

2013 - 12489 - Once Upon A Time_1

Rest in Pieces – is a black polish with fine purple glitter. It can be streaky so it’s best to to apply in thin coats, this is two coats and most definitely needs a top coat as this may have been the first pixie dust polish as the texture is very rough. This looks very similar to “Purple Potion” from the 2012 collection which I don’t have.

2012 - 12488 - Rest In Pieces

Thanks For Reading!



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