Wet N’ Wild Fantasy Makers Polish 2014

Wet N’ Wild Fantasy Makers Polish for 2014. I’m very disappointed it’s a lot of dupes from the Wet N’ Wild Neon Clairvoyance Collection and one that has been duplicated in about three different collections plus this one.


Witch Black  – Is a crelly like black, I only bought it because it was suppose to be a gelly polish, but it’s more cream than gelly. Two coats makes it opaque.

2014 - 12629 - Witch Black

Queen of Envy – this is a beautiful green jelly polish that goes on so smooth, this is three coats and unlike Essie’s Shake Your Money Maker is completely non streaky. This is a also a dupe for “Frank is Mine” from the Clairvoyance Collection, don’t get me wrong it’s gorgeous, but WTH?

2014 - 12628 - Queen of Envy

Roach Busters – Is a lime green crelly polish with gold shimmer, this is two coats, the application was a bit tricky it’s really streaky and the more coats you use to try to correct it makes it looks lumpy. This polish has several dupes from Wet N’ Wild Saved By The Bell collection “Nerd Alert: Screech”, Wet N’ Wild Fergie “Glowstick” and Wet N’ Wild Neon Clairvoyance “Ghoul Time” yeah it’s been done….A LOT.

2014 - 12627 - Roach Busters

Goosebump Suit – Is an orange jelly polish this is a close dupe to Wet N’ Wild Clairvoyance ” “Jailhouse Shock” but this is just a shade lighter.

2014 - 12625 - Goosebump Suit

Ghouls Rush In – Umm I’m not sure who named these polishes but they don’t fit the image that comes to mind when I think of Ghouls. Not to mention that Wet N’ Wild have been getting too lazy to make up new names for different colors. It’s the same for “Once Upon a Time” they used it two years in a row on very different polishes. Anyway this is a very pretty pinkish purple crelly polish, goes on smooth, not streaky and this is two coats. The is a dupe for Wet N’ Wild Clairvoyance “Vengeful Bride” this is also just a shade darker.

2014 - 12626 - Ghouls Rush In

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