Sassy Polish

Hello Everyone, I’m trying out some new polishes from Sassy Polish and as usual when trying out indie polishes from a brand I’ve never used before, I buy the minis if available.


Italian Love Affair, this certainly looks different from what I saw on the website, it is described as “A gorgeous bright purple with linear holographic glow”. It looked almost neon in web pictures and yes I know every polish looks different depending on the lighting but umm this is lilac. This was not what I was expecting but it’s still pretty. This is two coats stamped with Konad M73.


Religious Nut, this is a black…greenish…purplely, umm lets just call it “dark green holographic awesomeness of a polish”. Title too long? The polish applies smoothly, this is two coats, I think it may need three to be truly opaque as it’s a little sheer. Decals from Born Pretty Store.


Sunlight Sparkle, this was my favorite, its a white ivory color with holographic glitter. From looking at it in the bottle you would think it was sheer but it not. This is two coats stamped with Konad M20 and my first time trying a little advanced stamping.


Crazy Eyes is a dark plum polish with holographic glitter, but I have must have gotten a bad batch because this was really goopy and thick. No matter how I tried to get a smooth application it just didn’t happen and topcoat didn’t make it any smoother. I was going to complete this nail art but I took one look at it and thought ummm….no.


I added a few drops of polish thinner and it applied smooth as silk, this is two coats, I did a post for this nail art.


Melted Limesicle is a light green polish with darker green glitter, this too looks different from the website I thought it would be a bit more holographic, Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting, I like this shade of green. It applies smoothly and is very sheer and will probably need 3-4 coats to be opaque. I applied it over white and only went over the drippings twice to make them darker.


Thank You,


Disclaimer: I was asked to review these polishes by the maker, they were purchased with my own money at a discount. These are my honest thoughts.


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