The Pumpkin Forrest

Hello everyone! Such a lovely evening for walking in the woods, shall we?

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. – Robert Frost


Week four of N.A.I.L. #Naillinkup and it’s time step into the spooky forest, and see how to achieve this easy hand painted manicure.


You’ll need sponge, a fine tipped nail art brush, I used Wistonia 000 and of course nail polish.


Polishes used are Wet N’ Wild Black Crème, Wet N’ a Wild French White Crème, Anise Secret Stash & Zoya Dream.


Anise Soak Up Samba, Zoya Darcy, Essie Stylenomics & topcoat with Wet N’ Wild Matte Topcoat.

So let’s break it down:


1) Apply a white base to your nails.
2) On the sponge apply Anise Secret Stash, (or any color you have that looks like dried grass) around the edges of the sponge in a slight curve. Apply white in the middle area and sponge that on until you have the desired color is build up.
3) Using the same sponge, apply Zoya Dream (or any blue glitter polish that’s not too intense) over one section of the dark green polish and sponge that on, to give the effect of a darkening sky.
4) Use the nail art brush to draw in the pumpkins, then use a lighter shade of orange to draw in the lines of the pumpkin. (I didn’t have a shade like that so I mixed some orange and yellow to get a lighter shade.)
5) Use a dark green polish to draw in the pumpkin stems and with black polish draw in the eyes, nose and mouth.
6) Draw in the trees with black polish, they don’t have to look perfect, the more dead looking the better. Draw some small lines upward from the base of the trees to look like blades of grass. Topcoat and you’re done.

Now say hello to James.


I really liked how this turned out so I decided to wear this mani for a few days, sans spidery pinky and with glossy topcoat, but I actually think I prefer it matte.



Thanks for reading!




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