Lace and Cameo

Hello Everyone, Everyone always talks about the Victorian era but cameo and lace fashion has been around forever, but they came together and gained popularity in the Edwardian Era (1901 – 1910). When women wore high lace collars and cameo broaches. *Sigh* yeah my head is filled with a ton of useless information.


Well as it turns out this was a bit of a fail. I don’t know if the decals were just old or not flexible enough for this style, but for some reason it kept lifting and it crinkled when I topcoated. Come to think of it I think I had this problem before but that was when I used the wrong topcoat like Seche Vite on a decal.


Polishes used Zoya Arizona & Pippa.


In person this actually has a marbled effect done with Saran Wrap with the orange and yellow polishes to give the background a slightly aged look. But the effect is very subtle and didn’t show up in photos, well back to the drawing board.


Thanks for Reading!



11 thoughts on “Lace and Cameo

  1. Aw no, I hate both those issues! I have loads of decals but the curling just totally put me off them (apart from water decals), and I curse my cheap camera when it doesn’t pick up the true colours/glitters. However, I don’t think it’s a fail – I still think it looks good. You can’t see the curling in the photos so I think you got away with it.

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