Golden Stripes Watermarble

Hello Everyone, Let’s attempt to get me out of my doldrums with a bright, fun and simple watermarble yay!


I wasn’t expecting it to turn out exactly like this, because the green polish didn’t want to co-operate, it didn’t spread as much as i’d like. But I like how it turned out.

This watermarble pattern is one of the easiest to achieve.


The polishes used are OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, OPI Gargantuan Green Grapes and Zoya Goldie.


These photos look a little yellow/orange because they were taken in the very early morning. I’m what I lovingly call a guerrilla iPhone photographer, meaning most of my photos are taken in whatever good lighting I find, but mostly natural light. I know I look weird to people when taking pics outside, and I do have a light box but I actually hate using it. For one the lights are super hot, for the other I don’t have a dedicated spot, so I have to fit it up and take it down, I ain’t got no time for that.


Thank For Reading!


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