Lace and Pearls

Hello Everyone, Happy um after Thanksgiving Day!
My cousin spent all day bugging me for a bridal inspired nails, why she wanted bridal nails? I still have no idea. At first I said no then realized I’d never done one. Thinking back on it most bridal nails i’ve seen have all been a simple white french manicure, soft pink base with french tips or some variation of that. This my variation on the theme.


Polish used is a lone beat up bottle of NYC French White Tips.


I created a french manicure, then stamped over that using plate Pureen 44, topcoated then added the rhinestones and topcoated again.


The reason I topcoated before adding the rhinestones is that when I repeatedly go over the stamping, it completely smears. I had to redo my pinky, but that’s nailart trial and correction (not error) we improve as we go.


Have a great weekend and thanks for reading !




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