DIY Liquid Palisade

Hello Everyone, I’m sure you’ve seen promotions for “liquid tape” for protecting your cuticles for easy cleanup and doing easy nail art or peel off base. They’ve been around for a while, well all that is, is this liquid latex.


Liquid latex can be used in a variety of ways to create special effects wrinkles, burns, scars. I played a round with Mehron Liquid Latex a while back and really liked it, but with almost any liquid latex the one thing most people will complain about is the smell, because most of them contain ammonia so you get that stale pee in an alley smell…yeah. In searching for a less stinky one at the time I came across this brand, Liquid Latex Fashions Ammonia Free Liquid-Latex Paint but fearing another dud I didn’t buy it. What I did recently remember is that they had a variety of colors. Hmmmmm (¬‿¬)


Here’s what you’ll need to do your own liquid tape, an empty polish bottle, a funnel or pipette and your liquid latex.



Insert funnel and pour ……hold up, don’t do that, I highly recommend you use a pipette it may take little longer to get the liquid in the bottle but you’ll get considerably less mess. If you are using a funnel, pour it really slowly (which will be hard, latex is very watery) and and raise the funnel as you pour (trust me. learn from my mistake).

There you have it.


Here’s a short demo, ignore my Christmas music (^_^;)

The dry time for this is very short, way shorter than using Elmer’s glue, the top half of photo below is from me applying it to picking up my phone to take a picture and it was halfway dry. And joy for all it’s not stinky, but when you first open the jar you get a whiff of something chemically and then you don’t smell it anymore.


If you are simply in love with the packaging you can buy empty liquid eyeliner bottles and the pipettes will work with this a well. If you purchase everything linked in this blog you’ll be spending less than $20. So save yourself $22 + shipping for 0.3 ounces of product when you can buy 4 ounces of liquid latex for $5.99 (colors sell at different prices) and probably wont run out for a really long time.


I would never try to stop anyone from making a living but I find the prices a little outrageous for what it is. I’m just giving you alternatives, try it out see if it works for you.

Thanks for reading and share the knowledge don’t keep it to yourself. (⌒▽⌒)

– Kerri

PS: Oh there is also a clear (which is my next purchase) that would make an awesome peel off basecoat if you don’t want it in color.


11 thoughts on “DIY Liquid Palisade

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  2. I did the same thing because I couldn’t see paying $20 for a tiny amount of what I could get at my local party store! LOL When you swatch as much as I do, it can add up. Great post!

  3. Hello,
    Nice article. Love the color you selected for liquid latex. One question for you, does the big bottle of liquid latex dries up soon? I read somewhere, that the once liquid latex dries, it can not be revived. I don’t want to waste money on something that will be useless before I reach the bottom of the container. Hope you answer soon.
    Take care,

    • Hi, Thank you. That’s true you can’t revive it, but i’ve filled 3 bottles out of mine with about half the jar left. It’s still very much liquid, no sign of drying. Just remember to close the lid tightly and you should be fine.

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