Vampy Watermarble II

Hello Everyone, Lady’s and Gentlemen unbeknownst to me I started a new year tradition of doing dark watermarble in January. These are the links to the previous years dark marbles 1 & 2. I got asked if I was doing one as I was in fact wearing it, I did them at the time because I wasn’t too fond of how I was feeling and had way more than enough of the holidays.. But I surprised myself, I was actually playing Christmas carols….yeah….anyone who knows me in real life probably fell on the floor.


Dark watermarbles are not popular and not one of the easiest things I found to pull off and make it look good, you can end up with it being invisible, a goopy mess or if you use a white base, spots or it no longer looks like a dark marble.


Polished used Anise Smokeshow (base), Snake Charmer, Toffee Mine, After Dark Dinner.


So the trick I use is using a lighter shade than the lightest shade you’re using in the watermarble….hope that makes sense.



This is what it looks like without the accent nail.


Thanks For Reading!

– Kerri


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