Neon Fan Watermarble

Hello Everyone! I spent a long time trying to get my hands on @pipedreampolish A Night in Vegas Collection they always sell out so fast. After several trys I decided this time while everyone went for full size polishes I went for minis and got them all at the same time, but I was hoping to get full sizes before I played.


I’m not exactly a big fan of neons as they are notoriously unwieldy and most are unwatermarbleable (is that a word?) But these, oh honey, they marble like a dream. If you’re applying it for a simple manicure, it just the sames as the other neons if you’re not careful it can apply patchy and when you try to correct it, it becomes clumpy. They dry to matte texture and is completely opaque in three thin coats and a white base makes the colors pop more.


Polishes used Light Of Day (yellow), High Roller (green), Happy Hour (turquoise) and On The List (pink).


This is one of the few time I’ll ever say this, the base polish is very important (I applied two coats of white polish), usually I don’t care cause it’s gonna get covered anyway. But it has to look smooth and opaque or it will show through the marble.


Here’s a quick demo of the marble pattern.

My iphone couldn’t comprehend the very vibrant colors, so the colors did get captured properly.


and a little change with the addition of a snake charm. *Night photo*


Thanks for reading!

– Kerri





3 thoughts on “Neon Fan Watermarble

  1. Oh man, you do such amazing water marbles. I just sit there in awe because I just don’t understand how you do it. (Well I do, it’s just that I can’t seem to re-create such perfection therefore it must be some sort of magic.) Love the wee snakey charm, so cute! P.S I’m glad I’m not the only one who has trouble with patchy, clumpy neons.

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