Neon Stripped Watermarble

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! Well I have to tell you this wasn’t as fun as it usually is, I had been previously wearing the eye searing fan pattern watermarble and I feel like I need a break and just let my nails be bare. Do I do this? Nooo! I do this.


I forced myself to do a manicure and it was a DISASTER, disaster I tell you.

First I kept sticking my fingers together and ripping off the latex cause I wanted to dip all four fingers, annoyed I switched to tape. Second, after applying my white base I accidentally knocked over the OPEN bottle and splashed my jammies and the floor (thank goodness it wasn’t the carpet). Then I kept knocking over and spilling polish and getting a ton of bubbles on my watermarble no matter which way I dipped.


Polishes used V.I.P. Pass (purple), All In (blue), 110 Degrees (orange) from @pipedreampolish A Night in Vegas Collection.


How the pattern was done.

I finally got it done but the moral here is sometimes when you don’t feel it, don’t force it, it’s ok to put it off for another day.


Thanks for reading!





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