Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear New 2015 Shades

Hello Everyone, These are the new colors from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. I have similar colors but it never hurts to have multiple colors that are water marble friendly.


Starting it off is Bare it All: which is a lovely nude shade. It’s so hard to find a nude that fits my skintone, this is two coats.


Giant Peach: is a pretty peach tone polish, I don’t own a lot of peach shades, this one is a keeper and also two coats.


Mauve Over: is dark mauve and my favorite of the ones I picked up, it is also the Pantone 2015 color of the year, Marsala. Two coats.


Blue Babe: Is a pretty baby blue shade that has shimmer and a tiny hint of violet in the right light. I can never pass up a good blue, this is two coats.


Big Teal: is a beautiful blue green shade, i’m liking this shade a lot, two coats.


Overall they may be standard colors but the formulas were great they went on smoothly, completely opaque in two coats, I’m happy with my purchase.

The colors I passed on Jam packed, Tickled pink  All Bright.



Thanks for reading!




6 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear New 2015 Shades

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