Valentines Day Nails

Hello Everyone Happy Valentines Day! Meh I’m a few days late, I had a migraine and was avoiding all screens shiny. I don’t celebrate valentines day but valentines nail art…why not? I was going to write a lovely tale of cupid finding an empty heart and deciding to fill the heart with love, so he shot an arrow into the air and all the love floating around burst open in a cascade of hearts and slowly filling it up. Or that’s the gist of it anyway



Polishes used are Wet N’ Wild French White Crème (for stamping), Anise Do The Hula (Red), Anise Gilty (I used this polish to re-trace the heart stamp and make it look more vintage/battered). I scooped out a few of the hearts from Homei Spangle Nails polish and applied them around cupid.



Thanks for reading!

– Kerri





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