Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Colors that Soar Collection

Hello Everyone! This is the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Colors That Soar Limited Edition Collection. I picked these up at CVS for $3.19 each, the formula for these is a bit different from their other polishes. They’re cremes but runny and thin (almost like a gel polish), so you can end up with bald patches, the polish application required a break between the first and second coat or you may take off some of the first coat and require touch ups to fill in the bald spots. (Trust me I did that a few times.)


Starting off with Fan Appeal: Is a purple, green, pink Duochrome polish, It applies like a creme and can also be used as top coat over a darker color like Painted Lady, this is two coats.


Fan Appeal without sunlight.


Painted Lady: Is a dark purple, it’s a lot like OPI Vant to Bite My Neck. This was a bit more like their usual formula and so pigmented, it’s one coat. This is probably my favorite of the bunch.


Wing It: this is a lovely lavender creme, that reminds me a lot of Rimmel London Wild Orchid or Essie Play Date. This is two coats.


Fly By: Is a shimmery turquoise top coat type polish, it’s much too thin to wear on its own, This is two coats and would look great over Cuteapillar.


A closer look at Fly By, this is three coats.


Cuteapillar: is a pearl aqua creme polish, the color is beautiful, this is two coats.


These are the colors I passed on Social Butterfly, Monarchy & Sweet Nectar which is tempting me to go back for it.



Overall: Theses polishes require some patience and finessing, i’ll keep maybe three only because they are watermarble friendly, the other two will probably end up in my donation pile.

Thanks for Reading!



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