This *ish

Good morning my beautiful ones, I have been trying to keep my peace and zen all morning because I found myself upset on behalf of someone i’ve never met, never spoken to outside of leaving comments on her post, but as a fellow blogger this is…..[insert appropriate word here.]

I’ve been following thepolishdokie on instagram forever as she is a prolific indie polish swatcher. What was done to her is unacceptable, I don’t support unscrupulous companies that steal other peoples work or ideas copyrighted or not. There are some nail artist with contracts from companies to make nail art designs for them, she doesn’t have one.

On which planet is this ok?




This is her original work, notice how long ago this was posted on instagram.


It has also happened to badgirlnails


I just found a new Kiss product in Walgreens last week and it was good, pretty great in fact and was all set to write a review on it this weekend but that will NOT be happening. I have only four of their products, I will NOT be purchasing anymore. DO NOT support companies that are unethical and do not positively support the nail art community, no matter how many sales and promotions they have.

Why Should you care? Good question and unfortunately most people don’t care until it happens to them.

DO NOT look away and think this couldn’t happen to you.

Thanks for reading!

– Kerri


5 thoughts on “This *ish

  1. I absolutely agree!! When I saw this on Instagram last night I was absolutely disgusted. It’s one thing when Youtubers steal work from this community but it’s another when a major business does. Outrageous.

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