St. Patrick’s Day Leprechauns

Hello Everyone! It’s time to bust out the flocking powder! (ahh did that sound dirty to you too?)


This started out as just me playing around with an idea, that I honestly had no idea how I was going to pull it off. Best way to do it just start. (though that motto didn’t quite work when I joined the gym)


Leprechaun outlined with Sally Hansen Bare It All, Wet N’ Wild Do Pass Go, Nuclear War, Black Creme, Sally Hansen Mauve Over. Watermarble is Zoya Tilda (Base), Shawn & Goldie, stamped with Bundle monster BM-H05.


I started out by outlining the outer frame of the leprechauns face and allow it to dry, at least to the point nothing sticks to it when touched, this is important for the next step.


I found myself working through instead of stopping to document the process so that the topcoat wouldn’t dry too much. If you need a step by step click here.

Put a few drops of topcoat on a scrap of foil (so that it doesn’t absorb into the paper), using a detail brush quickly apply topcoat.

To avoid the topcoat drying too much I split the hair and beard portion into sections doing one half first then the other half.

Using tweezers pick up your powder and apply it to the topcoated section, pat it down let it set for a minute or two then gently brush it off, try to get as much of the powder off the the other section you are about to work with as possible.


Repeat this process with the other sections. I used a dotting tool as it picks up more topcoat, it can cover an area faster and makes it easier for me to keep the outline.

To plump up the beard and make it extra fluffy repeat the process, over the flocking powder already there apply more topcoat and and add more flocking powder, pat down, let it set, then brush off the excess.

Use a small detail brush to add the leprechauns hat buckle and face (hey I never said I was an artist) and add a bow to the missus hat and you’re done.


Here is a mini video for the shamrock design.

This is last years shamrock design.



Thanks for reading and of course happy flocking!

– Kerri


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