Pop.arazzi Polish Review

Hello Everyone! When I came across this polishes in CVS I thought colorful, inexpensive and cute bottles, WIN! right? Ummm…….NO.


Lime-ousine Ride: is a beautiful apple green polish, this is two coats and topcoated. The polish application is streaky and patchy and after two coats I had bald spots even after allowing dry time in between coats.


Love All: is a bright sunny springtime yellow, this is two coats and a wait time in between applications and topcoated. This polish was thick and goopy (its a technical term), I wondered if I had just gotten a bad bottle, no I hadn’t, they were all like that.


Final thoughts: The colors though beautiful are not that unique for me to struggle with these polishes to get a smooth application. The other turn off for me is the scent, these smell the same as Kleancolor polishes, though I haven’t bought any Kleancolor in years so they may smell different now, but that’s what it reminds me off. I’m thankful I only bought two to try even though they were only 99 cents each because I would have been POed if i’d bought more.

Thanks for reading!

– Kerri


2 thoughts on “Pop.arazzi Polish Review

  1. i put three coats of the love all on and it still looks patchy

    i love the mustard color so much though that i will probably keep using it

    the weird thing is that it has the same look of putting on whiteout just yellow whiteout

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