Pretty Jelly Polishes

Hello Everyone! I’m trying out some new indies from Pretty Jelly Polish. She sells some gorgeous 5 free holo polishes. And as is my habit when i’m trying new indie brands I bought the minis. Unlike some of the earlier holos and even some of the newer ones doesn’t require special base coat or top coat.


First up is Mexico City: it is a red scattered-linear holographic polish, goes on very smoothly, not streaky this is two coats and topcoated.


Plum In Love: is a interesting pinky, redish, purpley toned polish, it’s described as red but I don’t see it. Goes on smoothly, not streaky, two coats and topcoat.


House of Usher: is a gorgeous dark purple described as violet linear holographic polish, this is my favorite of the three I bought. It goes on smoothly, not streaky, two coats and topcoat.


Overall: The colors are not that unique but they are gorgeous, and the formula makes application a no brainier, it just glides on. I need to test if they can watermarble, I hope they can, but either way I see a few more colors i’d like to have.

Thanks for reading!

– Kerri


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