Bunny Hop!

Hello Everyone! I hope y’all had an awesome Easter Holiday, I spent most of it sleeping and wondering if I was getting sick again only to realize that yes things are blooming so it’s allergy time. A girl just can’t catch a break.

My Easter mani gradient was done with slightly easterish colors (stick a pin here a sec)….. honestly I don’t know where that color scheme came from? Who said it’s Easter let’s all wear pastels and decorate everything with bunnies and eggs? Ok I get the bunny part, since in medieval times it was widely believed that the hare was a hermaphrodite and that a hare could reproduce without loss of virginity and therefore scared, like the virgin Mary.

But still…..really? I love bunnies they’re cute and apparently good eating (I’ve never eaten them) but it still makes no sense to me. (End of rant moving on.)

So when I found myself doing my first Easter mani it didn’t last long, though I think it’s kinda cute.


I did a gradient using Zoya Yummy, Pippa & Tracie and stamped it with Bundle Monster BM-H10 (Bunny) & Pueen 36 (Bubbles) plates using Konad White.




Don’t mind my weird mood lol.

Thanks for reading!



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