Priti NYC Polish

Hello Everyone! I bought these polishes on Hautelook for $6.50 each, the price is normally $15. The color selection was limited but I’ve never tried them before so why not. The polish formulas for the ones I tried applied very smoothly, no streaks, but are not very opaque. The polish themselves kind of remind me of jelly formulas, very soft looking.


Sweet Sultan: is a sandy brown color some say nude lol, this is two coats.


Blue Eyed Brunette: Is a soft pale orange polish, that is a lot paler than it appears in this picture. Is opaque in two coats.


Baby’s Tears: Is an olive green polish with very subtle dark flecks, this is the exception to the not unique. This is two coats, need three to four to be truly opaque.


Polish Spirit: is a bright purple polish, this is two coats, it needs three to be truly opaque.


Final thoughts: though this is a 5 free vegan polish, cruelty free, FDA approved and the company uses recycled bottles. Has a very smooth formula, and I applaud their environmental practices but I wouldn’t specifically go out to hunt down this polish, they can be bought in Whole Foods by the way. They are not water marble friendly and will probably end up in my donation box.

Thanks for reading!

– Kerri


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