Furniture Repair

Hello Everyone! My off topic post for this month is repairing furniture. You don’t want to know the pain I went through trying to figure out out to repair this water spot on my TV stand, for all you crafty ladies I salute you. The problem was my TV stand is made out of composite wood (that means its not solid) so anything applied to it including liquid wood stain get absorbed into the wood and I was back to square one. So what to do?

I went to Home Depot and spoke to a few associates and all told me the same thing I would have to sand it down and refinish it, plus the purchasing of expensive tools (which was what they were trying to sell me). Well that would have been a bit more an me.

Sometimes speaking to the right person helps, he recommended Miniwax Gel Stain in Mahogany and all I needed was a brush, fine sand paper and buffing cloth.


This is the damaged area.


Scrape of the shiny finished on the damaged area.


Sand the area, clean off the dust, then use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.


Apple the stain and wait 10hr, I decided to leave it overnight.


Use the buffing cloth, buff out the stain already there, do not wipe it off. And your done, the are may look a little darker but I think it adds character.


You many need to redo this maybe once a year but you don’t have to scrap and sand it again, also go easy on the furniture polish especially if its very liquidy it won’t take off the color but it will damage the finish since it’s not sealed. May this save you from the headache I got trying to figure it out. And note to self COASTERS.

Thanks for reading!



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