Going Dottie

Hello Everyone! I’ve been posting swatches and previously done manicures for the past two to three weeks (I sometimes do mass swatches and sort them out later), this dotticure was done before the previous earth day mani, I wasn’t even sure I was going to post it.

As for the hands, the reason: I am allergic to bleach and I used a cleaning product with bleach, not knowing I didn’t wear gloves. So forgive the hands as they look a bit crispy, and trying to make them recover meant no constant use of polish remover. (They look much better now)


This dotticure is fast and simple and I wanted it to look messy instead of uniformed rows. The decal I bought on eBay, even topcoated twice it wouldn’t lay flat. I think it’s old.


Polishes used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Groove-y, Babe Blue, Funky Flare


Wet N Wild Contact High, Trippin’ On The Boardwalk, Beat Of A Generation

On right hand I did all dots since the decal wasn’t working out.
Thanks for Reading!

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