Nail Update – Extending Broken Nails

Hello Everyone! Miss me?….No? that’s just mean.

After my last post I wasn’t… how should I put this…in the happiest place in my head, I needed a break. Add stress and weird things started happening to my body, I was achy, my nails weakened and my hair was falling out and no i’m not bald….yet. Fun huh?

Speaking of weak nail, they may not look it but they feel fragile, I had them unpolished and I had some chipping, peeling, and two breaks, more fun…yay!.


The pinky was the worse break, it bled and I had to wait a few days before I could do anything to it. The pointer umm honestly I don’t know when it broke off, I looked at my hand and it was gone.


I pulled out my IDB Clear Gel and went to work, you will need:


  • IDB Clear Gel
  • IDB Bonder
  • IDB Flat Brush #2
  • 91% Alcohol
  • UV Nail Dryer
  • Lint Free Wipes

I put them into smaller panels so I didn’t end up with a really photo heavy post.


  • 1) Broken nail.
  • 2) File free edge as much as possible, push back cuticle and lightly buff nail bed to remove shine, use a lint free wipe and 91% alcohol to clean the surface and remove dust.
  • 3 Apply nail form, then apply bonder and cure for one minute, bonder is not mandatory when using this type of gel, but it helps to prevent lifting, which i’m very prone to.
  • 4) Nail prep done, time to sculpt a nail.


  • 5) Apply a thin coat of clear gel, as a base, like the foundation for a house.
  • 6) Cure for one minute.
  • 7&8) Use the brush to form an outline of the extension of the nail on the nail form, then ribbon to fill in from the smile line to the end of the outline, cure for a minute.

(“Ribboning” is when you dip the tip of your gel brush into the gel and let it drip off the brush slightly, it’ll look like a tail of gel dripping down. Keep the brush up above the nail not touching it then let the end of the tail make contact with the nail. Then move the brush still not touching the nail in the direction of your arch vertically down the center of the nail.)  


  •  9) Remove the nail form, it should look like this, minus the bubbled, I stirred the gel a bit too vigorously. Bubbles can sometimes weaken the integrity of the nail and they will just snap off, so be more careful than I was lol.
  • 10) Apply a layer of gel from cuticle to the end of the nail.
  • 11) Cure for 1 minute, I did 2 minutes to make sure it dried properly.
  • 12) Wipe off the tacky dispersion layer with alcohol. File the nail down into the desired shape and smooth out the surface with a buffing block.


  • 13-16) When you’re done it should look like this.

One month later they look like this.


I’m surprised at how fast that pointer is growing out, I usually keep the nails on my right hand shorter than my left, it makes doing stuff faster.


Something I should point out I am NOT a professional, this is the way I do it, everyone does things differently, i’m just sharing my way. I am open to being corrected……nicely.

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Nail Update – Extending Broken Nails

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