Green And Gold Watermarble

Hello Everyone! It’s time to enjoy the golden summer sun and roll in the grass again… unless you have allergies, then doing this is way safer. I going to go with if you’re feeling blue go green but that sounds so cheesy.


I did this mani a little after my nail repair, so it’s not very recent, but I still think it was cute.


I did a fast watermarble manicure using Zoya Tilda (base), Zoya Severin (is one of the best marbling metallic polishes i’ve found) & Zoya Shawn.


The watermarble pattern, as you will see the polishes didn’t all spread out evenly, because this was not the pattern I had in mind for this marble, so I kept trying different ones until I found one that worked with these polishes. Trying to force it into a particular pattern with just frustrate you and make it seem more difficult.



Thanks for reading!

– Kerri


9 thoughts on “Green And Gold Watermarble

  1. I love this look! Tx much for showing the video as it seemed unusual the polishes didn’t all spread while touching but the swirling gave such a delicate pattern. The colors looked really nice together, too.

      • So there is no “better brand” for water marbling but just “hit and miss” with regarding which polish will work well or not, true? I know for stamping the amount of pigmentation is paramount but what quality is it that makes the polish spread right for marbling, I wonder? Maybe something that makes the molecules jump aside instead of coagulating?
        You have to go through a lot of bottles of polish to discover which ones are good for marbling.
        Maybe we should start a list for bloggers about which individual polishes work for various techniques. (I would be willing to be the one to keep track of comments if no one else wants to do it.)

      • No, there is no better brand some just work better than others. I have tested a lot of polishes and when I pick my colors I have to test them together even if they spread well on they’re own, sometimes they just don’t work well together. I don’t know what the science is but usually recommend starting out with creme polishes with formulas that aren’t too thin. That’s an interesting idea, It’s one of the reasons I always included the names and pictures of the polishes, it’s a great reminder for me too lol.

        I have better luck with polishes like Zoya, Wet & Wild Megalast, the old W&W polish formulas (I miss those, they were some of my faves) Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Ruby Kisses, China Glaze, Anise, Essie, OPI and Sinful Colors (the newer ones but still hard to work with).

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