Updates…… and Stuff


That’s probably the last time I posted anything here lol. Sooo hello, how’ve ya’ll been? Well life got interesting the last year and a half, there’s been ups and downs and Jesus take the wheel days but everyone has survived and came out better on the other side.

But even before then I had been slowing down with posting not because I no longer loved doing my  nails but I lacked the time, the motivation and the energy (more on this one). It started feeling like work and I started this blog to be a fun hobby.

Last year my mom had an ongoing problem and was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and she needed surgery and radiation therapy, there was never any doubt I was going to be there for her whichever way I could help. She’s a tough cookie but this was hard on her and for me hard to watch, I felt helpless. The good news is she is now cancer free WOOHOO!!!

Before my moms diagnosis I had found myself being tired all the time, I just told myself I need more sleep, the problem with that was I could sleep for sixteen hours, wake up and still be tired. Let me see if I can break down seven months into two paragraphs, here goes. Mom got sick and I focused on helping her, still tired but pushed it aside and kept going. Mom’s on the way to getting better and I can barely function (hid it from her she had enough to worry about), go to the doctor, did labs, results say i’m fine. Definitely didn’t feel fine, was convinced my body was trying to eject my animus.

Things got worse i’m more exhausted, I can barely walk, my body hurts, i’m falling asleep everywhere, started losing hair, menses gone nuts, blood count low, heart rate too high, doctor says no strenuous activity it’ll put too much stress on my heart and no flying (I had to fly to a conference the next month that was already paid for….just great.) Start eating iron tabs like candy, went for more extensive lab work. Flew to the conference (with restrictions and instructions from my doctor) Got a recommendation to see an endocrinologist, more labs and ultrasound, got a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease or Autoimmune Thyroiditis, who knew a little thing controlled so much of your bodies function. I’m medication and learning how to stay on the better side of fine, it’s a balancing act, i’m getting there.

So i’m back, there is no weekly schedule, I just want this to be fun for me again and hopefully fun for you too.

Thanks for reading!

– Kerri



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